Genome-wide Approaches with Fission Yeast

Researchers using S. pombe as a model organism increasingly want to apply genome-wide and computational approaches to their research to get the most from the latest technologies and available resources.

This intensive, laboratory- and computer-based training course is aimed at introducing participants to both practical and theoretical aspects of high-throughput approaches and the global mining of large-scale data sets for biological information. This course will help the participants acquire the necessary skills to establish genome-wide methods and the accompanying data analysis in their own laboratories.

The course will include seminars by distinguished international speakers who will present various research aspects relevant to the course.

Topics to include
Transcriptome profiling (expression microarrays and RNA-seq)
Genome-wide protein location analysis (ChIP-seq)
Functional profiling using deletion mutant library
Genetic interaction screen (SGA)
Proteomics experiment: TAP purification, mass spectrometry
Mapping mutations by genome sequencing
General introduction to computational data mining, including introduction to R/Bioconductor
+ show speakers and program
Guest speakers
Charlie Boone (University of Toronto, Canada)
Kathy Gould (Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, USA)
Rafael Carazo-Salas (Gurdon Institute, Cambridge, UK)
Li-Lin Du (National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, China)
Karl Ekwall (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)

7 Dec - 14 Dec 2013
United Kingdom
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