Summer School on the Biology of Social Cognition

Now in its eighth year, this popular summer school alternates between the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in the UK and Cold Spring Harbor in the US. The principal aim of the school is to provide an intensive week of training for advanced graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty with an interest in the biological underpinnings of social behaviour.

The past few years have seen remarkable advances in our knowledge of the genetic, molecular, and neural factors that contribute to social behaviour. Increasingly sophisticated analytical and theoretical approaches have helped us to make sense of the data. Unfortunately, this increase of sophistication has also led to a tendency to hyperspecialize. The unique aspect of the week-long programme is to inform specialists about exciting developments in other fields of social cognition, to provide potential for new discovery and increased collaboration between subfields.

The programme will review our understanding of the various biological factors that influence social behaviour. The clinical consequences of dysfunctional social cognition and the role of translational research will be emphasized throughout.

Although the programme will focus on human social cognition, comparative and evolutionary approaches will also be discussed.

Scientific sessions will include:
Cognitive and developmental perspectives
Introduction to genomics
The functional neuroanatomy of social behaviour
Social cognition in other animals
Future perspectives

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Tutors include:
Kate Baker University of Cambridge, UK
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore University College London, UK
Thomas Bourgeron Pasteur Institute, France
Zameel Cader University of Oxford, UK
Nicky Clayton University of Cambridge, UK
Jay Giedd NIMH, USA
Tetsuro Matsuzawa Kyoto University, Japan
Marcus Munafo University of Bristol, UK
Robin Murray University College London, UK
Arcadi Navarro University of Barcelona, Spain
Mark Pagel Reading University, UK
Trevor Robbins University of Cambridge, UK
Barbara Sahakian University of Cambridge, UK
Gaia Scerif University of Oxford, UK
Philip Shaw NIMH, USA
Victoria Southgate Birkbeck University of London, UK
Andre Strydom University College London, UK
Essi Viding University College London, UK
Clive Wilkins University of Cambridge, UK
Larry Young Emory University, USA
Jamil Zaki Stanford University, USA

14 Jul - 20 Jul 2013
United Kingdom
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