Plant Cell and Developmental Biology

We are pleased to announce the Cold Spring Harbor Asia on Plant Cell and Developmental Biology, which will be held at the Suzhou Dushu Lake Conference Center in Suzhou, China, located approximately 60 miles west of Shanghai.The conference will begin at 7:00pm on the evening of Monday June 17, and will conclude after lunch on Friday June 21, 2013.

The conference will include eight oral sessions and one poster session. Many talks will be selected from the openly submitted abstracts on the basis of scientific merit and relevance. Social events throughout the conference provide ample opportunity for informal interactions.

Major Topics:
1. Membrane, organelle remodeling, and cytoskeleton
2. Cell division cycle: meiosis and mitosis for plant growth regulation
3. The regulation of cell polarity in plants
4. Intracellular and intercellular signaling
5. Sexual plant reproduction: from gametogenesis to embryogenesis
6. Morphogenesis: from cells to tissues
7. Technologies for plant cell and developmental biology
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Keynote Speakers:
Jiayang Li, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, China
Abstract title: TBA

Natasha Raikhel, University of California, Riverside, USA
Abstract title: Chemical Biology and plant endomembrane system

Invited Speakers:
David Bouchez, Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, FRANCE
Abstract title: The TTP complex and spatial control of cell division in Arabidopsis

Juan Dong, Waksman Institute, USA
Abstract title: TBA

Thomas Dresselhaus, University of Regensburg, GERMANY
Abstract title: Germ cells and fertilization mechanisms

Hiroo Fukuda, University of Tokyo, JAPAN
Abstract title: TBA

Niko Geldner, University of Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
Abstract title: Development of endodermal structure and function - viewing roots from within

Venugopala Gonehal, University of California, Riverside, USA
Abstract title: TBA

John Harada, University of California, Davis, USA
Abstract title: Dissection of Seed Development

Takashi Hashimoto, Nara Institute of Sceince and Technology, JAPAN
Abstract title:Stress-induced destabilization of cortical microtubules is mediated by tubulin kinase

Inhwan Hwang, Pohang University of Science & Technology, KOREA
Abstract title: TBA

Liwen Jiang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Abstract title: Plant endocytosis and exocytosis.

Jürgen Kleine-Vehn, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU), AUSTRIA

Thomas Laux, University of Freiburg, GERMANY
Abstract title: TBA

Jianxiang Liu, Fudan University, Chia
Abstract title: TBA

Li-Jia Qu, Peking University, China
Abstract title: TBA

Jen Sheen, MGH/Harvard Medical School, USA
Abstract title: TOR signaling in meristem establishment

Keiko Torii, University of Washington, USA
Abstract title: TBA

Tongda Xu, Temasek Lifescience Laboratory, Singapore
Abstract title: Auxin as a coordinator regulates cell division pattern during organogenesis

17 Jun - 21 Jun 2013
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