Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience

The 4th Computational and Cognitive Neurobiology Summer School is going to be held in the campus of Beijing Normal University, in Beijing, China. The objective of this course is to train in Computational Neuroscience talented and highly motivated students and postdocs from Asia and other countries in the world. Applicants with either quantitative, including Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science or experimental background are welcomed. The lectures will introduce the basic concepts and methods, as well as cutting-edge research, in Computational Systems and Cognitive Neurosciences, with an emphasis on higher cognitive functions and their underlying neural basis. Modeling will be taught at multiple levels, ranging from single neuron computation, microcircuits and large-scale systems, to normative theoretical approach to brain functions. Matlab-based programming labs coordinated with the lectures will provide practical training in important computational methods.
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Invited lecturers include:

Matthew Botvinick (Princeton University, USA)
Mark Churchland (Columbia University, USA)
Bob Desimone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Michael Hausser (University College London, UK)
Christof Koch (Caltech/Allen Institute, USA)
Weiji Ma (Baylor College of Medicine, USA)
Eve Marder (Brandeis University, USA)
Tony Movshon (New York University, USA)
Bill Newsome (Stanford University, USA)
Bob Shapley (New York University, USA)
Misha Tsodyks (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
Xiaoqin Wang (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Kechen Zhang (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

6 Jul - 24 Jul 2013
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