European Society for Virology

Dear Colleagues,

For more than a decade, Virology in Europe has increased in strength and coordination. This was initiated through the organization of a regular “European Congress of Virology” (ECV) and was reinforced by the foundation of the “European Society for Virology” ( in Rome, April 24, 2009.

Following meetings in Glasgow (2000), Madrid (2004), Nürnberg (2007) and Como (2010), the French community of virologists is pleased to welcome you in Lyon for the 5th European Congress of Virology (ECV), September 11-14, 2013. The 5th ECV will also be combined with the annual meeting of the European Society for Clinical Virology. They will bring together both junior and senior investigators from throughout Europe and from all spheres of virology, including basic, medical, clinical, veterinary and plant Virology.

The city of Lyon and the region “Rhône-Alpes” are remarkable in France in many aspects. Research in the basic, clinical and veterinary domains is very active with some remarkable pieces such as the oldest Veterinary School in Europe or the only High-Security Laboratory (BSL4) in France built by Charles Mérieux. In addition, a unique network of start-ups, biotechs and major world leading companies investing in vaccine, diagnosis and drugs, offers an unique potential to translate basic research into applications for the benefit of Public and Animal Health. Last but not least, Lyon is a World Heritage city, at the crossroads of many European influences and a key place to enjoy the essentials of the French way of life, gastronomy, wine, art and culture.

We are looking forward for your participation in the 5th ECV in Lyon and are doing our best to make it a scientifically stimulating and socially enjoyable event.

The Convenors:

Dimitri Lavillette Bruno Lina Noël Tordo
CNRS, Lyon HCL-UCBL, Lyon Institut Pasteur, Paris
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11 Sep - 14 Sep 2013

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