14th International Conference on Systems Biology

The International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB) is the main event for the systems biology community. The 14th International Conference on Systems Biology continues an annual series of conferences launched by the International Society of Systems Biology (ISSB) in Tokyo in 2000. It attracts scientists from all over the world. The conference brings together interdisciplinary researchers in order to advance biomedical research, health care, and drug development.
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Keynote speakers

Gene Myers, DE (confirmed)
Stuart Kauffman, USA (confirmed)
Kim Sneppen, DK (confirmed)
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, USA (confirmed)
Wendell Lim, USA (confirmed)
Bernhard Palsson, DK (confirmed)
Anne-Claude Gavin, DE (confirmed)
Lars Steinmetz, DE (confirmed)
Doug Lauffenburger, USA (confirmed)
Ruedi Aebersold, CH (confirmed)
Marc Vidal, USA (confirmed)
Chris Voigt, USA (confirmed)
Matthias Mann, DE (confirmed)
Peer Bork, DE (confirmed)
Philippe Bastiaens, DE (confirmed)
Alexander van Oudenaarden, NL (confirmed)
Rama Ranganathan, USA (confirmed)
Dana Pe'er, USA (confirmed)
Levi Garraway, USA (confirmed)
Ben Neel, CA (confirmed)
Elaine Mardis, USA (confirmed)

Session speakers

Felix Naef, CH (confirmed)
Hans Westerrhoff, NL (confirmed)
James Faeder, USA (confirmed)
Thomas Sicheritz Pontén, DK (confirmed)
Eske Willerslev, DK (confirmed)
Chris Newgard, USA (confirmed)
Jens Nielsen, DK (confirmed)
Søren Brunak, DK (confirmed)
Neal Rosen, USA (confirmed)
Greg Stephanopoulos, USA (confirmed)
Mikkel W. Pedersen, DK (confirmed)
Julio Saez-Rodriguez, UK (confirmed)
Jasmin Fisher, UK (confirmed)
Michael Lee, USA (confirmed)
Janine Erler, DK (confirmed)
Bernd Bodenmiller, CH (confirmed)
Luis Serrano, ES (confirmed)
Giulio Superti-Furga, AU (confirmed)
Drew Endy, USA
Nevan Krogan, USA (confirmed)
Seán O'Donoghue, AU (confirmed)
Jonatahn Karr, USA
Rune Linding, DK (confirmed)
Norbert Perrimon, USA (confirmed)
Gerard Manning, USA (confirmed)
Lukas Pelksman, CH (confirmed)
Bob Murphy, USA (confirmed)
Haja Kadarmideen, DK (confirmed)
Morten Sommer, DK (confirmed)

The programme includes plenary lectures, parallel sessions, poster display, workshops and round tables sessions.

CONGRESS: 30. August - 3. September at Tivoli Congress Center
WORKSHOPS: 29-30. August and 3-4. September at
Danish Technical University

30 Aug - 3 Sep 2013
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