International Conference on the Systems Biology of Human Disease

The International Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease (SBHD) is a transatlantic event and communication platform for scientific exchange between the United States and Germany. It takes place alternately between the two countries. SBHD 2013 is continuing a conference series launched by Peter Sorger and colleagues from Harvard Medical School some years ago. The conference focus is on mammalian systems biology, particularly as it applies to human disease and therapy.

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Bree Aldridge - Tufts University Boston, USA
Naama Barkai – Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Philippe Bastiaens – MPI Dortmund, Germany
Peer Bork - EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Boris Kholodenko - SBI-University College Dublin, Ireland
Irina Lehmann - UFZ Leipzig, Germany
Ben Lehner - CRG-Centre Regulacion Genomica Barcelona, Spain
Vamsi Mootha - Harvard Medical School Boston, USA
Gene Myers - MPI - Center for Systems Biology Dresden, Germany
Miguel Ortega - ICB Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Karen Sachs - Stanford University, USA
Julio Saez-Rodriguez - EMBL-EBI Cambridge, UK
Uwe Sauer - ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Marc Vidal - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Boston, USA

12 Jun - 14 Jun 2013
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