NIH-Frontiers in Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins

The Center for Structural Biology at the University of Alabama in Birmingham is hosting an NIH-sponsored symposium titled "Frontiers in Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins"; April 4-6, in Birmingham, Alabama. The meeting combines presentations on experimental and computational approaches to all membrane-associated proteins, and ABC transporters will receive particular emphasis.
Dr. Harry Gray (California Institute of Technology) and Dr. Jue Chen (Purdue University) are two of the keynote speakers with a total of 23 confirmed,invited national and international speakers.

+ show speakers and program
Ju Chen, Purdue University- Keynote Speaker
Harry Gray, California Institute of Technology-Keynote Speaker
Peter Tieleman, Calgary University
Phill Stansfeld, Oxford University, Oxford, GB
Hanoch Senderowitz, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Michael Gottesman, NIH
Audray Harris, NIH
Kazu Ueda, Kyoto University
Gary Ren, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory
Steve Aller, UAB
Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey, Georgia Tech
Nael McCarty, Emory University
Alemayehu Gorfe, University of Texas at Houston
Chuck Sanders, Vanderbilt University
Judy Kim, University of California San Diego
Karen Fleming, John Hopkins University
Linda Columbus, University of Virginia
Megan O'Mara, University of Queensland, Australia
Jebrell Glover, Lehigh University
Rachelle Gaudet, Harvard University
Jens Meiler, Vanderbilt University
Jennifer Lee, NIH
Bryan Roessler, UAB

4 Apr - 6 Apr 2013
United States of America
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