Neural Development

The 2012 Gordon Conference on Neural Development in Newport, Rhode Island, will bring together a unique and international group of scientists with the common research goal of exploring the molecular, cellular and functional basis of brain development. Invited speakers will present cutting-edge research on topics ranging from brain patterning, neural stem cells, cell fate specification, neuronal migration and polarity, synaptic development, circuit development to new insights into human brain development and evolution. Each talk will be followed by discussions in which students and postdocs are especially encouraged to participate. The meeting will highlight the diversity of experimental approaches and model systems (e.g. mammals, zebrafish, C. elegans, Drosophila) that have led to major breakthroughs in the field. Recent technical achievements in molecular genetics and in vivo imaging relevant to research in neural development will be discussed extensively. Poster sessions and informal gatherings will provide additional opportunities for informal interactions among junior and senior researchers, and foster collaborations and further discussion. Some short talks by participants will be selected from the poster abstracts. Informal mentoring workshops for students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty will also be held on issues such as funding, obtaining independent positions, and publishing. Members of underrepresented minority groups are especially encouraged to attend
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Keynote Presentations
(Huda Zoghbi / David Ginty)
Neurogenesis and Brain Patterning
(Wieland Huttner / Song-Hai Shi / Andrea Brand / Kenneth Campbell / Maria Lethinen)
Cell Type Specification
(Marc Freeman / Paola Arlotta / Hynek Wichterle / Yasushi Nakagawa)
Neural Stem Cells
(Yoshiki Sasai / Stewart Anderson / Marius Wernig / Guo-Li Ming)
Neuronal Migration and Morphogenesis
(Oscar Marin / Francois Guillemot / Kang Shen)
Wiring the Nervous System I
(Maya Shelly / William Harris / Dietmar Schmucker / Christine Holt / Alex Kolodkin)
Wiring the Nervous System II
(Josh Sanes / Linda Van Aelst / Wes Gruber)
Synaptogenesis and Circuit Formation
(Silvia Arber / Kim McAllister / Cagla Eroglu / Andrew Huberman)
Human Brain Evolution
(Evan Eichler / Pierre Vanderhaeghen / Arnold Kriegstein)

12 Aug - 17 Aug 2012
United States of America
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