SITC Workshop on Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer cells contain mutations and other alterations that make them recognizable by the immune system. Recent technological advances in genomics and proteomics now allow personalized identification of these alterations for targeting with therapeutics, including immunotherapy. However, many questions remain: What are the best bioinformatics approaches to accurately mining individual tumor samples? How to use this data to define the most promising therapeutic targets/strategies? How to translate these findings into personalized immunotherapies for cancer patients?

The purpose of this workshop is to bring participants up to date on the latest in patient-specific genomic and molecular analysis, and the application of this information in personalized immunotherapy of cancer. Technologies include genome wide DNA and RNA sequencing, epigenetic regulation and transcript variation, identification of mutations, polymorphisms associated with cancer risk and clinical outcome, and patient-specific T cell epitope discovery. Applications include choosing the “right” antigen, induction of therapeutic immunity, blocking of immunosuppression, combinations of immunotherapy with targeted therapy, and patient-specific immune monitoring. By participating in the workshop, the participants will interact with international leaders in the field of personalized immunotherapy to learn about the latest technologies, current applications, critical unaddressed questions and future directions. Most importantly, participants will have the opportunity to build connections and collaborations to spark new discoveries, interventions and applications.

Topics Addressed
• Technology: The New Sequencing /DNA vs. RNA vs. Protein/Validation of Mutation Data/Bioinformatics
• Data: The Changes We’re Finding
• Predictions: Which of These Changes Can the Immune System Recognize?
• Application: Translating the Data Into Therapy and Monitoring

Session Topics
• Genomic Instability and Mutations in Different Cancer
• Immunologic Implications of Data
• New Sequencing Technology/Validation of Mutation Data/Bioinformatics
• What To Do With The Epitope Once You Have It?

The SITC Workshop on Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy is a part of SITC 2013. This five-day event offers the latest, most relevant research, educational sessions, and networking opportunities in a variety of formats, including the SITC Primer on Tumor Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy™ which will also take place on November 7, and the SITC 28th Annual Meeting which will take place November 8-10. Abstract submission, registration and housing for SITC 2013 will open May 1 on the SITC 2013 meeting website -

+ show speakers and program
• Willem W. Overwijk, PhD - MD Anderson Cancer Center
• Hans-Georg Rammensee, PhD - Universitaet Tuebingen
• Nicholas P. Restifo, MD - National Cancer Institute
• Ena Wang, MD - National Institutes of Health

7 Nov - 7 Nov 2013

National Harbor
United States of America
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