INCF Short Course on Neuroinformatics, Neurogenomics and Brain Disease

In this course at an idyllic European location, we discuss and demonstrate neuroinformatics tools and public data resources in the context of neurogenomics and brain diseases. The mornings and evenings are filled with lectures on areas of neuroscience in which large datasets are becoming available. Students and lecturers together will attempt to apply the new tools and datasets to answer specific research questions. Our aim is to have jointly written draft papers by the end of the course.

All neuroscientists with an interest in neuroinformatics, neurogenomics or brain disease are welcome. We aim for about 40 participants.

Lodging, food and coffee will be provided. The course fee is 100 euros only.

+ show speakers and program
Andreas Beyer: Computational neurogenomics
Seth Grant: Proteomes, synapses, cognition
Alexander Heimel: Genetics of neural plasticity
Gerd Kempermann: Neuro-ontology, genetics of adult neurogenesis and neural aging
Ruth Luthi-Carter: mRNA and miRNA domains
Rupert Overall: mRNAs and ontologies
Glenn Rosen: Structural developmental neurogenetics
Sabine Spijker: Neurogenetics of impulsivity
Rob Williams: Neuroinformatics resources and tools

14 Sep - 20 Sep 2013
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