Evolutionary Physiology - Linking Gene to Function

Evolution, zoology, ecology, entomology, physiology, behaviour, parasitology
+ show speakers and program
10:15 h: Coffee
10:45 h: Welcome by Jan Kammenga (president of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society)
10:50 h: Introduction by Jacintha Ellers (VU University Amsterdam)
11:00 h: Jérôme Casas (University of Tours) Spider aggressive mimicry: From pigment ontogeny to behavioral ecology
11:45 h: Break (lunch not provided)
12:15 h: Guided tour through Artis / Annual meeting of the KNDV
13:45 h: David Giron (University of Tours) Coping with a senescing environment: When insects reveal to plants the secret of eternal youth
14:30 h: Arthur Woods (University of Montana) Noise and the evolution of physiological homeostasis
15:15 h: Break
15:45 h: Jury Report Dutch Zoology Prize 2013
16:00 h: Bertanne Visser (University of Tours) Use it or lose it: The evolutionary loss of lipid synthesis in parasitoids
16:45 h: Reception

7 May - 7 May 2013

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