Musculoskeletal Biology & Bioengineering, Musculoskeletal Science: Bedside to Bench to Bedside

The Gordon Research Conference on Musculoskeletal Biology and Bioengineering (previously titled Bioengineering and Orthopaedic Sciences) has been the premier forum for presentation and discussion of new and unpublished information in the field, and has consistently led to new insights, new interactions, new collaborations, and new research directions. The study of the musculoskeletal system encompasses a number of interdisciplinary fields, particularly biology and bioengineering, and has ultimate applications in clinical areas including orthopaedic surgery, rheumatology, and radiology. The theme of the planned 2012 conference is "Musculoskeletal Science: Bedside to Bench to Bedside," and the meeting will consist of 9 separate sessions, consisting of invited speakers who are experts in their field and selected attendees at various levels of career development. The format of the planned conference remains essentially unchanged from previous years, with ample time for formal and informal discussions. Our unique focus in 2012 is to facilitate the physician-scientist interaction to bring new ideas and treatments to improve the lives of patients. This is exemplified by our session on Translational Studies on Enhancing Soft Tissue Healing, with both physicians and scientists lecturing together on cutting edge solutions and investigations into clinical problems. Some of the chief issues are specific to individual tissues, including bone, articular cartilage, intra-articular ligament, meniscus, and both rotator cuff and flexor tendons, as well as other multi-tissue skeletal structures. A number of key scientific and engineering topics are relevant to fabrication and manipulation of these tissues and organs. The conference will examine many of these topics, including biomaterial fabrication, stem cells, biomarkers, skeletal development, growth and regeneration, and translation of basic research to clinical practice. In addition, the conference also includes several high-profile research areas highlighting the close collaboration required between clinician-scientists and PhDs to improve patients’ health outcomes.
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Translational Studies on Enhancing Soft Tissue Healing
(Martha M. Murray / Kathleen Derwin / Joseph Iannotti / Helen Lu / William Levine / Richard Gelberman / Stavros Thomopoulos)
Functional Tissue Engineering
(Lisa Fortier / Wiltrud Richter / Gerjo van Osch / Jeremy Mao)
Knee Kinematics, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
(Braden Fleming / Timothy Hewett / Thomas Andriacchi / Lynn Snyder-Mackler / Scott Tashman / Louis DeFrate)
(Robert Sah / Gregory Jay / Jill Urban / Bob Mauck / Ed Guo)
Signaling and Regulation in Musculoskeletal Growth and Regeneration
(Rocky Tuan / Ben Alman / Miguel Torres / Susan Mackem)
Stem Cells in Health and Injury
(Johnny Huard / Jennifer Elisseeff)
Tendon Adhesions and End-to-End Healing
(Peter Amadio / Chunfeng Zhao / David Butler / Jin Bo Tang)
(Linda Sandell / Francesco Dell’Accio / Yves Henrotin / Connie Chu)
Keynote Presentation: TBA

5 Aug - 10 Aug 2012
United States of America
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