Gastrointestinal Tract XV: Epithelia, Microbes, Inflammation and Cancer FASEB Science Research Conference

Gastrointestinal Tract XV: Epithelia, Microbes, Inflammation and Cancer
FASEB Science Research Conference
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Sunday, August 11
4:00 PM – 9:00 PM Conference Registration
1) Key note: Advances in Mouse Modeling of GI Disorders
- Nancy Jenkins PhD and Neal Copeland PhD
Harnessing Transposons for Cancer Gene Discover in the GI tract.
- David Threadgill PhD, UNC
Modeling population heterogeneity to understand individual cancer susceptibility

Monday, August 12
2) CANCER STEM CELLS: IF, WHEN, WHERE, Chair – Juanita Merchant MD PhD, University of Michigan,
- Anil Rustgi MD, University of Pennsylvania:
Gastrointestinal progenitor cell populations in inflammation and cancer
- Melissa Wong PhD, Oregon Health & Science University:
Functional role of stem cell niche markers in the normal and cancer microenvironment
- Susan Henning PhD, UNC Chapel Hill:
Intestinal stem cells: which matters – the queen bee or the workers?
- Kevin Haigis PhD, Harvard Medical School:
In vivo systems biology of intestinal inflammation
Two Short talks
3) Poster session
4) Meet the experts: Kim Barrett PhD, Gail Hecht MD, Marshall Montrose PhD
5) DEVELOPMENT: Chair- Deborah Gumucio PhD, University of Michigan,
- Michael Pack MD, University of Pennsylvania:
Stromal - Epithelial Interactions that Regulate Intestinal Architecture
- Norbert Perrimon PhD, Harvard Medical School:
Drosophila gut as a model to study regeneration and tumor models
- Ramesh Shivdasani MD PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of intestinal crypt differentiation
- Two Short talks

Tuesday, August 13
6) HOST PATHOGEN INTERACTIONS, Chair-Jason Mills MD PhD, Washington University Medical School, St. Louis:
- Wolf-Dietrich Hardt PhD, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology- Hönggerberg.
Salmonella Typhimurium: subverting mucosal inflammation for growing in the gut.
- Manuel Amieva MD PhD, Stanford School of Medicine:
Does Helicobacter pylori directly manipulate the stem cell compartment of the gastric glands
- E. John Wherry PhD, University of Pennsylvania.
Regulating T cell responses to systemic versus enteric viral infection
- Beth McCormick PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School:
Salmonella typhimurium-epithelial cell interactions: New insights underlying mechanisms of intestinal inflammation
- Richard M. Peek, Jr. MD, Vanderbilt University:
Molecular effectors that regulate Helicobacter pylori-induced gastric cancer
7) Poster Session
8) MICROBIAL ECOLOGY/COMMENSALS, Chair- Andrew S. Neish, Emory University,
- Garry Wu MD, U. Penn
Diet, the Gut Microbiota, and Host Metabolism
- To Be Determined
- Ruth Ley PhD, Cornell.
Gut microbiota in metabolic syndrome and pregnancy
- Two Short talks

Wednesday, August 14
9) MUCOSAL IMMUNITY: Chair- Cormack Taylor PhD,
- Julie Blander PhD, Mount Sinai.
Innate immune mechanisms controlling inflammation, host defense, adaptive immunity
- Tim Denning PhD, Emory University.
Intestinal Antigen Presenting Cells During Homeostasis and Inflammation
- Yasmnine Belkaid, NIH.
Host commensal interaction during infection
- Theresa Pizarro PhD, Case Western.
Signaling pathways in inflammatory bowel diseases
- Two Short talks
10) NIH workshop for investigators: James M Anderson MD PhD, Judy Podskalny PhD and Jill Carrington PhD, NIH.
11) LEUKOCYTE RECRUITMENT AND INFLAMMATION: Chair- Charles Parkos MD PhD, Emory University
- Klaus Ley MD, La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Inflammation
Defective dendritic cell trafficking in the SAMP1/YitFc mouse model of Crohn's disease.
- Sean Colgan, PhD, Sean Colgan PhD, University of Colorado Denver
Resolution of intestinal mucosal inflammation
- Greg Downey PhD, National Jewish, Denver.
Mechanisms of Neutrophil-Epithelial Cross Talk: Implications for Injury and Repair
- Matthew Grisham PhD, Texas Tech University Health Science Center.
T Cell Trafficking in Chronic Gut Inflammation: Terms of Entrapment
- One Short talk

Thursday, August 15
12) EPITHELIAL PROPERTIES AND REPAIR, Chair- Wayne Lencer MD, Children’s Hospital Boston
- Andrea McClatchey PhD, Harvard Medical School.
Cortical organization in intestinal epithelial morphogenesis and homeostasis
- James E. Casanova PhD, Cell Biology, University of Virginia.
Focal Adhesion Kinase in Intestinal Epithelial Homeostasis and Repair.
- Matthew J. Tyska PhD, Vanderbilt University.
Shaping the enterocyte apical surface with adhesion molecules
- James R. Goldenring MD PhD, Vanderbilt University.
Characterization of novel Rab11-FIP proteins
- Two Short talks
- Jerrold Turner, MD PhD, University of Chicago.
Understanding tight junction regulation: A moving target.
- Andrei Ivanov PhD, Virginia Commenwealth University.
SNAREs, Golgi and regulation of epithelial cell adhesions
- Christina Van Itallie PhD, NIH
Decoding phosphorylation signaling in claudin tails
- 2 short talks.

Friday, August 16

11 Aug - 15 Aug 2013

Steamboat Springs
United States of America
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