Centromere Biology

The centromere is the chromosomal locus at which the kinetochore assembled and that drives chromosome movement during cell division. Abnormal centromere function is a hallmark of many birth defects, reproductive disorders, and diseases such as cancer. Defining how centromeres are organized and assembled is important for understanding human disease and for developing therapies and cures. The biennial Centromere Biology GRC will attract participants from across the globe, working in classical genetic model organisms, humans, and non-traditional model systems. The Centromere Biology Conference was conceived because the broader Gordon Conferences barely touched on the rapid and exciting growth of the field and existing centromere meetings tend to be exclusive and focused on only a few specific research areas. This GRC is purposely designed to include participants whose research programs span many exciting and highly relevant areas in centromere biology that are typically under-represented at other chromosome and centromere meetings. Such topics include, but are not limited to, genomics, comparative analyses, synthetic and mutant centromeres, and centromere behavior in disease states. The Centromere Biology GRC will include experts in cell visualization, structural biology, genetics and biochemistry, and chromatin biology, who all share the common interest in understanding centromere organization, assembly, and dynamics. The conference brings together a diverse group of scientists at the frontiers of their fields and talks include unpublished work. The meeting is intended to create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for junior scientists and students to present their work and exchange ideas through poster sessions and informal discussions. Short talks in each session will include those chosen from the abstracts.
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A list of preliminary session topics and speakers is currently being developed by the Conference Chair and will be available by December 3, 2013. Please check back for updates.

27 Jul - 1 Aug 2014
United States of America
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