30 years of Wnt signalling

This conference will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the identification of Wnt-1 by bringing together researchers who founded
the field and the young scientists who will be responsible for its future.

Wnt ligands are key regulators of development, stem cell biology and regeneration. The dynamic control of Wnt signaling regulates basic cellular processes including cell proliferation, differentiation, migration and apoptosis. Recent advances in our understanding of signaling mechanisms have provided the tools and conceptual framework for the analysis of Wnt deregulation in disease.

These exciting developments have led to the emergence of early-stage therapies for the treatment of disease.


• basic mechanisms of signal transduction and their role in development

• Wnt interactions with other signaling pathways

• human oncogenesis and other diseases

• therapeutic targeting and drug development

This conference will provide a unique opportunity for interaction between renowned and young scientists who have been attracted by the vibrancy of the field. Participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their work during formal and informal sessions and at the poster displays.

Plenary lectures by Nobel-prize winning founders of the field will be complemented by presentations on biological mechanisms, stem cell biology and translational research.

+ show speakers and program
Roel Nusse Stanford University US ☑
Harold Varmus Memorial Sloane-Kettering Institute US ☑
Eric Wieschaus Princeton University US ☑

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Liliana Attisano University of Toronto CA ☑
Konrad Basler University of Zurich CH ☑
Jürgen Behrens University or Erlangen DE ☑
Mariann Bienz MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology UK ☑
Walter Birchmeier Max Delbruck Centre for Medicine DE ☑
Vivian Budnik University of Massachussetts US ☑
Kenneth Cadigan University of Michigan US ☑
Hans Clevers Hubrecht institute NL ☑
Feng Cong Novartis USA ☑
Trevor Dale Cardiff University UK ☑
Xi He Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School US ☑
Joerg Huelsken École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne CH ☑
Akira Kikuchi Osaka University JP ☑
Judith Kimble Wisconsin University US ☑
Marc Kirschner Harvard University US ☑
Hendrik Korswagen Hubrecht Institute NL ☑
Ethan Lee Vanderbilt University School of Medicine US ☑
Lawrence Lum University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center US ☑
Madelon Maurice University Medical Centre, Utrecht NL ☑
Randall Moon University of Washington US ☑
Inke Näthke Dundee University UK ☑
Christof Niehrs Heidelberg University DE ☑
Paul Polakis Genentech US ☑
Owen Sansom The Beatson Institute UK ☑
Kang Shen Stanford University US ☑
Makoto Taketo Kyoto University JP ☑
Jean-Paul Vincent National Institute of Medical Research UK ☑
Marian Waterman University of California Irvine US ☑
Bill Weis Stanford University School of Medicine US ☑

27 Jun - 1 Jul 2012
Egmond aan Zee
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