2013 Postdoc Retreat (STEM)

he PCDI Postdoc Retreat is a 3-day course on the career development process. This course aims to increase the awareness of the capacities and career possibilities of early career researchers (postdocs & final year PhD students), to provide support on determining how to take charge of the future. This 10th edition specifically targets young researchers on natural sciences, technologies, engineering and maths.

By the end of the retreat participants should:
- Have a clearer picture on where they are standing right now
- Be more aware of their skills and capacities
- Have identified skill gaps and know what to work on
- Have more insights on how to increase their chances of success in academia or in the industry
- Have discovered new career paths for PhDs
- Have a better view on their personal career preferences
- Review their priorities and make a personal action plan
+ show speakers and program
Get inspired by the speakers to discover what is important in pursuing your ambitions and how to set and achieve goals.
Get in-depth knowledge and discuss with our forum panel on the big playing field of science: the link to society, role of industry, multidisciplinary collaborations, and science as the basis of our knowledge-based economy.

Follow a total of 3 workshop sessions to identify and improve your skills to use them at the best. For those aiming for a career in academia, hear what else you can do to succeed next to building a strong publication record.

This retreat also offers a unique opportunity to look beyond academia. Network with PhDs who now work in industry, spin-offs, government and other organisations, hear how they shaped their career, learn about the many possible career paths for STEM scientists.

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30 Oct - 1 Nov 2013
Heeze, the Netherlands
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