Sensory Transduction in Microorganisms

The 2014 Gordon Conference on Sensory Transduction in Microorganisms to be held in Ventura CA will explore recent advances in understanding microbial systems of signal transduction. Focus will be placed on bacterial receptors and their interactions with intracellular networks that involve phosphorelays, two-component systems, and small molecule signaling by cyclic nucleotides, reactive metabolites and autoinducers. Topics will include gene regulation by sensory input and the assembly, action and regulation of motility apparatuses, such as bacterial flagella and pili. Mechanisms underlying chemotaxis, energy monitoring, community behavior, quorum sensing and biofilm formation will be central themes, especially with respect to pathogenesis. These areas will be addressed through cutting-edge applications of molecular genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, and chemical biology as well as structural, imaging and biophysical approaches. Data from high-resolution experiments will be paired with computational efforts to probe the behavior of complex macromolecular assemblies and understand signaling circuitry. Emerging directions such as the role of the cell wall in sensing and responding to signals and the engineering of prokaryotic signaling for biotechnology will be explored. Invited speakers will include both established and early-stage investigators. In addition, poster presenters will compete for short hot-topic talks. For the first time, a Gordon Research Seminar for postdocs and graduate students will precede the meeting. Participants will enjoy the Conference’s open and collegial atmosphere that provides valuable opportunities to engage in scientific discussion and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

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A list of preliminary session topics and speakers is currently being developed by the Conference Chair and will be available by July 2, 2013. Please check back for updates.

12 Jan - 17 Jan 2014
United States of America
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