Sensing and Signaling of Hypoxia: Interfaces with Biology and Medicine (A1)

Organized by Peter J. Ratcliffe of the University of Oxford, L. Eric Huang of the University of Utah, Michael Ohh of the University of Toronto and Cynthia M. Beall of Case Western Reserve University, the conference will:
• Define a deeper understanding of how hypoxia signaling pathways interact with systems responding to cellular stresses including metabolic and redox signals, and seek to apply this knowledge to the understanding of physiological processes of direct relevance to medicine;
• Cover new areas in which hypoxia signaling pathways have been shown to operate, including cellular differentiation and stem cell biology, inflammation and immune regulation;
• Bring together research leaders working on hypoxia biology, including biochemists, cell biologists, geneticists and physiologists for a truly integrative biology of oxygen homeostasis both across levels of biological hierarchy and across different taxa.

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William G. Kaelin, Jr., Dana Farber Cancer Institute, USA
Interplay of Oncogenic and Hypoxia Signaling Pathways

L. Eric Huang, University of Utah, USA
Non-Canonical Signaling through HIF Pathways

Stephen Lee, University of Ottawa, Canada
Hypoxia in the Regulation of Protein Synthesis

Peter J. Ratcliffe, University of Oxford, UK
Genomic Analysis of Hypoxia Signaling Pathways

Randall S. Johnson, University of Cambridge, UK
Diverse Roles of Hypoxia Signaling in Inflammation

Drew M. Pardoll, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
HIF-1, Metabolism and T Cell Differentiation

Cynthia M. Beall, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Human Population Adaptation to Hypoxia at Altitude

Jay F. Storz, University of Nebraska, USA
Genetic Adaption to Hypoxia

Tatum S. Simonson, University of California, San Diego, USA
Genetic Selection of Hypoxia-Related Traits at Altitude

Utpal Banerjee, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Micro-Environmental Hypoxia and Nutrient Sensing in Cell Fate Determination in the Fly

Christopher West, University of Oklahoma, USA
Environment Sensing by Prolyl Hydroxylases in Dictyostelium

Peter J. Espenshade, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA
Oxygen Sensing by Ofd1 in Fission Yeast

Serpil Erzurum, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA
New Insights into Hypoxia and Pulmonary Vascular Biology

Nanduri R. Prabhakar, University of Chicago, USA
Interplay of Hypoxia and Gaseous Signaling in Respiratory Control

Lorna G. Moore, University of Colorado Denver, USA
Trans-Generational Effects of Hypoxia at Altitude

Matthew G. Vander Heiden, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Metabolic Fluxes and Growth Control in Cancer

Wilhelm Krek, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
The Role of Hypoxia Inducible Factors in Cardiac and Adipose Metabolism

Navdeep S. Chandel, Northwestern University, USA
Metabolic Signaling to and from the Mitochondrion

Tak W. Mak, Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research at Princess Margaret Hospital, UHN, Canada
Epigenetic Regulation of Hematopoiesis by 2-HG and TET Oxygenases

Toshio Suda, Keio University, Japan
Metabolic Regulation of Hematopoetic Function

M. Celeste Simon, HHMI/University of Pennsylvania, USA
HIF-1 and HIF-2: Signal Cross-Talk and Cell Differentiation

Hannele Ruohola-Baker, University of Washington, USA
Role of Hypoxia Inducible Factors in Stem Cell Transitions

Amato J. Giaccia, Stanford University, USA
Role of Osteoprogenitors in the Regulation of Erythropoiesis

Gregg L. Semenza, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
Hypoxia Inducible Factor as a Therapeutic Target

Michael Ohh, University of Toronto, Canada
Novel Roles and Regulators of Hypoxia Signaling

Christopher J. Schofield, University of Oxford, UK
Implications of the Expanding Biology of 2 Oxoglutarate-Dependent Oxygenases

Richard K. Bruick, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA
Selective Modulation of HIF-2alpha by Small Molecules

7 Jan - 12 Jan 2014
United States of America
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