Molecular Biology and Innovative Therapies in Sarcomas of Childhood and Adolescence

The conference will bring together biologists and clinicians to implement the interdisciplinary approach that is needed to advance research and therapy of rare childhood sarcomas. Newest results in molecular and biological research such as molecular characterization and identification of new targets for therapy, identification of novel risk factors for stratification, and new animal models will be combined with novel insights from clinical studies. This interdisciplinary approach will be used to discuss strategies on how novel agents can be incorporated into current treatment strategies directly in the course of the conference. The unique format of bringing together high-level researchers working on different sarcomas such as rhabdomyosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma and other very rare soft tissue sarcomas should further stimulate this goal.
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Julia Chisholm, Great Ormond Street Hospital, UK
Olivier Delattre, Institute Curie, FR
Simone Fulda, University of Frankfurt, DE
Birgit Geoerger, Institut Gustave Russi, FR
Heidi Hahn, Institut für Humangenetik Göttingen, DE
Lee Helman, NIH, US
Peter Houghton, Nationwide Childrens Hospital, US
Kristiina Iljin, University of Turku, FI
Charles Keller, Oregon Health & Science University, US
Ewa Koscielniak, Olga Hospital Stuttgart, DE
Heinrich Kovar, St. Anna Childrens Hospital, AT
Stephen Lessnick, University of Utah, US
Carola Ponzetto, University of Torino, IT
Janet Shipley, Institut of Cancer Research, UK
Poul Sorensen, University of British Columbia, CA
Ivan Stamenkovich, University of Lausanne, CH
Jeffrey Toretski, University of Georgetown, US
Timothy Triche, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, US

29 Sep - 4 Oct 2012
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