International Conferencefor Applied Sciences «Current Queries in Biology, Ecology, Medicine and Pharmacology»

Dear Colleagues!

You are heartily welcome to be a part of INTERNATIONALCONFERENCE FOR APPLIED SCIENCES “CURRENT OPINIONS INBIOLOGY, ECOLOGY, MEDICINEAND PHARMACOLOGY”. The meeting takes place on September 26 – 27, 2013 in luxuries health center in Prisamasrky district of Dnepropetrovs region, “Novomoskovsky”.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Registration deadline – June 30, 2013
Abstract submission deadline – June 30, 2013
Paying registration feesdeadline – July 15, 2013
Information update for registered participants – July-August, 2013

For registration, please e-mail to until June 30, 2013 the following:
- Filled application form;
- Abstract of researchor scientific paper including all authors participated in the study;
- Copy of a paycheck covering registration fee
All documents must be e-mailed as attached files.Participating speakershould email application forms for all other co-authors/joined participants.Application formtitle must correspond to participating speaker surname written in English. Example of an application title – ivanova_application.The title of abstract file or paper file should correspond to the surname of the speaker written in English, for example, ivanova_abstract or ivanova_paper. Abstract or paper files should be sent as .rtf files.
ATTENTION! An application is accepted when you receive a confirmation email from organizing committee.
ATTENTION! In addition to abstract book we plan to publish submitted research papers in specialized scientific journals: biometric “Current issues in Biology and Ecology” and “Modern biomedical research”. Requirements and guidelines for publishing can be found at and
Information about publication fees will be provided to the authors according to the requirements of a particular journal should a paper be accepted.
Abstracts and papers submitted after June 27, 2013 will not be included in conference book.


Abstract must be up to one pagewritten in Microsoft Wordin Ukrainian, Russion or English. File title should correspond to the surname of participating author written in English. For example,ivanova_abstract.Abstract must be saved as.rtffile.Page size– А4, borders– 2 cm, font Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.0.
Abstract format:
1) ABSTRACT TITLE (capital letters in bold, centered).
2) Surname and initials of the author/authors(letters in bold, cenrtered).
3) Affilations: scientific institution, department and laboratory, complete address, e-mail of corresponding author/authors. (Margins, no indent, align text left)
4) Abstract body: Justify text, first line indent – 1 cm.Abstract text should not contain any word breaks, tables, figures, graphs, or bold letters. Species names in Latin should be in Italic.
5) No references at the end of the abstract. Literature sources necessary for understanding research background and abstract coherence must be included as quotations in parentheses as (Author, year), for example (Kos J., 2003)
6) Abstracts written in Ukrainian or Russian must include a summary in English, of total volume no more than 10 lines.

Abstract Example


1Chorna V.I, 2Lyanna О.L.

1Dnipropetrovsk State University, VoroshilovaStr, 25, Dnipropetrovsk, 49600, Ukraine
2Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy, Dzerzhinsky Str, 9, Dnipropetrovsk, 49044, Ukraine

It is known that kidney tumor represents 85% of all malignancies developing during childhood. Majority of nephroblastomasare diagnosed at late stages after they reach a substantial growth.At a condition of constant ecological challenge in Ukraine, lack of social security, etc., the disease index is constantly increasing …

Summary(only if abstract is written in Ukrainian or Russian). The aim of the work was the invention of way for diagnostics of children nephroblastoma, using luminescent spectroscopy…

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Section A, Biology and Medicine:
- Recent advances of biochemistry in medicine;
- Physiology of animals and humans;
- Biotechnology up-to-date and in perspective;
- Novel technologies in biomedical teaching
Section B, Ecology:
- Ecological issues of industrial regions in Ukraine;
- Public health and environment: challenges, tasks and future prospects;
Section C, Pharmacology:
- Pharmacologically active substances: mechanisms of action
- Search for physiologically active substances;
- Safety in use of therapeutic agents

26 Sep - 27 Sep 2013
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