Under Pressure: the Cell’s Response

The focus of the meeting will be Mechanobiology i.e. the biological response of a cell/tissue to a defined mechanical stimulus which is of fundamental importance in matrix biology, both in health and disease. This exciting programme of renowned international and national speakers will cover diverse aspects of mechanobiology relevant to matrix biology in health and disease. In addition, the inaugural John Scott Young Investigator Award lecture and presentation will be held at this meeting.
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Monday September 2nd 2013

1– 2.30pm Session 1: Articular cartilage

Bob Sah (University of California, USA)
“Articular Cartilage Biomechanics and Mechanobiology in Growth, Maturity, Degeneration and Regeneration”
2x 15min talks
Tonia Vincent (Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, Oxford)
"Mechanisms of mechanical sensing in cartilage in vivo"

2.30 – 4pm Poster session and trade stands with afternoon tea

4 – 5.30pm Session 2: Bone and the vasculature
Jo Price (Bristol Vet School, UK)
'Adaptation of bone to mechanical loading: many mechanisms but a single outcome'
2x 15min talks
Rob Krams (Imperial College, London, UK)
“On the role of Mechanobiology in vascular biology”

5.30 – 6.10pm Young Investigator Award: The John Scott Lecture

6.10 – 7pm Posters with cheese & wine

7.30pm – late Conference dinner (Millennium Stadium)

Tuesday September 3rd 2013

9 – 10.30am Session 3: Tendon
Al Banes (University of North Carolina, USA)
“Tenomodulin-Tenocyte Biomarker and Much, Much More”
2x 15min talks
Hazel Screen (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
“Tissue Micromechanics and the Cell Local Strain Environment”

10.30 – 11am Coffee (posters and trade stands)

11 – 1pm Session 4: BSMB Open Session
8x 15min talks (junior investigators – PhD & postdocs)

1 – 2pm Lunch (posters and trade stands)

2 – 3.30pm Session 5: Implications of mechanobiology in tissue repair
Matt Dalby (University of Glasgow, UK)
“Nanotopographical control of mesenchymal stem cell mechanotransduction and fate”
2x 15min talks
Al Grodzinsky (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
"Chondrocyte Response to Loading and Overloading: Relevance to OA and Cartilage Repair"

3.30 – 4pm Prizes & close of meeting

4 – 7pm BSMB Committee meeting

2 Sep - 3 Sep 2013
United Kingdom
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