Annual Symposium - Biochemical Determinants of Tissue Regeneration

The field of regenerative medicine offers tantalising hope for the repair and replacement of damaged organs and tissues, with the ultimate goal of restoring normal tissue function. This field represents an enormous range of biological, chemical and biophysical technologies that harness the restorative properties of living materials, especially human cells, to produce new molecular and cellular medicines, diagnostics, devices and healthcare research tools.
The goal of this Biochemical Society Annual Symposium is to explore the key biochemical determinants of tissue regeneration. We aim to highlight the contribution of biochemistry to this emerging field of regenerative medicine. We also hope to foster new collaborations among regenerative medicine scientists, clinicians, and bioengineers under the auspices of the Biochemical Society.
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Keynote speaker
Wnt signaling, Lgr5 stem cells and cancer
Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands)
Bill Keyes (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain)
Fibrillin microfibril deposition: dependency on fibronectin and receptors
Cay Kielty (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
Celeste Nelson (Princeton University, U.S.A.)
Reprogramming as a paradigm for understanding development, cell therapy and cancer
David Tosh (University of Bath, United Kingdom)
Freddy Radtke (EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland)
Biochemical mechanisms underlying vertebrate limb regeneration
Jeremy Brockes (University College London, United Kingdom)
John Connelly (Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom)
Jörg Galle (University of Leipzig , Germany)
Martin Birchall (University College London, United Kingdom)
Molly Stevens (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
Lineage potential and plasticity of epithelial stem/progenitor cells
Paola Bonfanti (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
Richard Aspinall (Cranfield University , United Kingdom)
Smart cells/dumb scaffolds-epithelial tissue engineering made simple
Sheila MacNeil (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Hepatic progenitor cells in liver repair
Stuart Forbes (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Vera Gorbunova (University of Rochester, U.S.A.)
Novel bioengineered tools for cancer detection and treatment
Weian Zhao (University of California, U.S.A.)

11 Dec - 13 Dec 2013
United Kingdom
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