Redox Regulation in Health and Disease - a celebration of 50 years of the Keilin Memorial Lecture

Join us in Edinburgh in March 2014 for an exciting and topical conference on “Redox Regulation in Health and Disease”.
Redox regulation is an important topic that spans basic and translational research and we have assembled a program that includes leading international researches in the field.Given the active debate in the literature about the role of reactive oxygen species, redox regulation of protein function and the role of antioxidants this is an ideal time to hold an exciting, interdisciplinary conference on the subject.

Our meeting will be held in the beautiful city of Edinburgh from 19-21 March 2014 and will feature an exciting array of speakers. Our venue, The Royal Society of Edinburgh is situated in the centre of the city and we will have an active social program including a traditional Scottish ceilidh.

Tools for measuring redox states of tissues, cells and molecules
Redox regulation of biological pathways
The role of redox imbalances in ageing and disease
Redox systems biology
+ show speakers and program
Wednesday 19 March 2014
The Keilin Memorial Lecture
Vamsi Mootha (Harvard Medical School, U.S.A.)
International BS/NZBMB Lecture 2014
Margreet Vissers (University of Otago, New Zealand)
Roles of NADPH oxidases in heart failure
Ajay Shah (King‘s College School of Medicine, British Heart Foundation Centre of Excellence, United Kingdom)
Elizabeth Veal (Newcastle University, United Kingdom)
Thioredoxin in ageing
Helen Griffiths (Aston University, United Kingdom)
Ian Megson (University of the Highlands and Islands, United Kingdom)
Mitochondrial redox homeostasis as a chemotherapeutic target
Margaret Briehl (University of Arizona, U.S.A.)
Mitochondrial ROS in redox signalling and pathology
Michael Murphy (MRC MBU, United Kingdom)
The biology of ROS and redox reactions during aging
Michel Toledano (DBJC, CEA-Saclay, France)
Neil Bulleid (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Hydrogen peroxide signalling in tumour cell survival
Tom Cotter (University College Cork, Republic of Ireland)
Ursula Jakob (University of Michigan, U.S.A.)

19 Mar - 21 Mar 2014
United Kingdom
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