Keystone Symposia on The Brain: Adaptation and Maladaptation in Chronic Pain

The conference will:
• Highlight advances in understanding the neural networks involved in the emotional, cognitive and sensory components of migraine and chronic pain, including the knowledge gained from the convergence of a number
of new technologies such as brain imaging during pain;
• Bring together the previously very separate pain and headache scientific communities for greater cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration;
• Induce a new paradigm for drug discovery for pain-related
neurological disorders.

+ show speakers and program
Session Topics:
• Plasticity of Brain Neurons, Glia and Other Processes
• New Technologies to Image the Human Brain Structure and Function
• Dissecting Basic Brain Circuits Involved in Pain Behaviors
• Preclinical to Clinical Evaluation of Pain – Garnering a Better Approximation
to the Human Condition
• Pain in Neurological Disease States
• Altered Processing of Pain
• The Brain and Self-Trickery in Pain and Analgesia
• The Brain in Development
plus workshops on late-breaking topics

A. Vania Apkarian, Northwestern University, USA
Giorgio Ascoli, George Mason University, USA
Fabrizio Benedetti, University of Turin, Italy
David Borsook, Children's Hospital, USA
Chas Bountra, University of Oxford, UK
Rami Burstein, Harvard Medical School, USA
Andrea E. Cavanna, University of Birmingham, UK
Robert C. Coghill, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, USA
Yves De Koninck, Université Laval, Quebec Mental Health Institute, Canada
Hans Christophe Diener, Universitätsklinikum Essen, Germany
David W. Dodick, Mayo Clinic, USA
Howard L. Fields, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Maria Fitzgerald, University College London, UK
Herta Flor, Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg, Germany
Manuel Graeber, University of Sydney, Australia
P. Ellen Grant, Children's Hospital, Boston, USA
Richard Hargreaves, Merck, USA
Giandomenico Iannetti, University College London, UK
Jon Levine, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Stephen B. McMahon, King's College London, UK
Frank Porreca, University of Arizona, USA
Michael Salter, Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
Mark Tommerdahl, University of North Carolina, USA
Irene Tracey, University of Oxford, UK
Tor D. Wager, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Jon-Kar Zubieta, University of Michigan, USA

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15 Jun - 20 Jun 2014
United States of America
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