Dynein International Workshop

Dynein 2013 is the third international workshop on this fascinating motor, with the previous two workshops held in 2005 and 2009. A half century ago, dynein was identified in eukaryotic cilia as the first microtubule-based force-generating ATPase. The dynein superfamily is now known to be functionally diverse, with its members involved in a wide variety of essential cellular functions. The Dynein 2013 Workshop will focus on the mechanism and regulation of dyneins and the role of dyneins in ciliary/ flagellar motility and intracellular and intraflagellar transport.
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Invited Speakers:

・Elisar Barbar (USA)
・Stan Burgess (UK)
・Andrew P. Carter (UK)
・Susan Dutcher (USA)
・Arne Gennerich (USA)
・Ian R Gibbons (USA)
・Erika L.F. Holzbaur (USA)
・Takashi Ishikawa (Swiss)
・Stephen M. King (USA)
・Peter J. Knight (UK)
・Andres Leschziner (USA)
・Roop Mallik (India)
・David R. Mitchell (USA)
・Daniela Nicastro (USA)
・Mary Porter (USA)
・Paul R.Selvin (USA)
・Thomas Surrey (UK)
・Richard B. Vallee (USA)
・John C Williams (USA)
・Ahmet Yildiz (USA)

31 Oct - 3 Nov 2013
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