RNAi 2014: Short and Long Non-coding RNAs

The 9th Annual Oxford RNAi Conference, RNAi2014, will discuss short and long non-coding RNAs, their roles in gene regulation, functional studies, RNA biomarkers and their therapeutic applications. Considerable attention will be given to chemical design and in vitro and in vivo delivery strategies for small RNAs. Key topics to be covered include:

Short and long non-coding RNAs in gene regulation
RNAi therapeutics
High-throughput screens
siRNA chemical modification and formulation
Small RNA delivery - in vitro and in vivo
MicroRNAs and other non-coding RNAs as biomarkers
Clinical trials

Oxford RNAi conferences offer best scientific programme in Europe, attracting aglobal participation of leading scientists from both industry and academia, postdoctoral researchers and students. These conferences provide an excellent opportunity to establish new collaborative links with academic and industrial colleagues and to strengthen and expand customer base.

Important Dates

Podium abstracts: 18 October 2013
Early registration: 29 November 2013
Poster abstracts: 10 January 2014

Who Should Attend

Academic and Research Institutes: Group and Lab Heads, Postdoctoral Scientists and Research Students
Biotech and Pharma Industry: Chief Scientists, Group Heads and Team Leaders, Senior and Junior Research Scientists
+ show speakers and program
Professor Dr Witold Filipowicz; Dr Mark Behlke; Professor Dr Nikolaus Rajewsky; more on the conference website

25 Mar - 27 Mar 2014

United Kingdom
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