16th International Neuroscience Winter Conference

This conference has been established as a high-quality meeting on contemporary neuroscience in the past years. For the 16th conference we aim at topping previous programs by inviting most distinguished neuroscientists as keynote speakers and select high-quality symposia. Soelden is an Alpine village about 1 hr drive from the city of Innsbruck in Austria. The venue is a 5-star Spa hotel in one of the largest ski resorts in Austria with a restaurant carrying prestigious awards by international restaurant guides. Normally, 120 - 150 participants, among them a large number of recognized scientists share the opportunity to meet colleagues in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. During the day, time for skiing in the high altitude ski resort is perfectly possible even in April.

Learning-related dynamics in neuronal circuits in vivo
From circuits to behaviour: Sensorimotor interactions in neural processing
Nanophysiology of presynaptic Ca2+ signaling
Cellular trafficking in the brain
Rapid cross-talk between synaptic receptors: A key path of synaptic plasticity Ca2+ signaling and synaptic transmission
Coupling excocytotic neurotransmitter release to endocytic membrane retrieval
Tracing neural processing hierarchies in auditory function
Functions of lyso-phosphatidic acid (LPA) signalling pathways in the CNS
Multiple sclerosis: New vistas
Mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease
Glutamatergic transmission in schizophrenia
New strategies targeting diverse neural cells for regenerative neurobiology
Multivariate and genome-wide approaches in imaging genetics

+ show speakers and program
Plenary Speakers:
Herwig Baier (Germany) Neural circuits for zebrafish behavior
Christopher Harvey (USA) Neural circuits dynamics during navigation-based decision-making
Ole Kiehn (Sweden) TBA
Petra Schwille (Germany) Bottom-up synthetic biology
Zach Mainem (Portugal) Neural circuits for spontaneous action timing
Bill Hansson (Germany) Coding good and bad odors in the Drosophila brain

Symposia Speakers and Chairs: Adi Mizrahi (Israel), Florian Engert (USA), Tobias Rose (Germany), Sonja Hofer (Switzerland), Mark Hübener (Germany), Markus Meister (USA), Bence Ölveczky (USA), Adam Kampff (Portugal), Florin Albeanu (USA), Georg Keller (Switzerland), Erwin Neher (Germany), Jakob Neef (Germany), Tomoyuki Takahashi (Japan), Annalisa Scimeni ( USA), Peter Jonas (Austria), Angus Silver (UK), Matthias Kneussel (Germany), Frederic Saudou (France), Matthijs Verhage (The Netherlands), Dmitri Rusakov (UK), Julie Perroy (France), Antoine Triller (France), Tobias Boeckers (Germany), Ralf Schneggenburger (Switzerland), Martin Heine (Germany), Gerald W. Zamponi (Canada), Markus Missler (Germany), Stephan J. Sigrist (Germany), Jürgen Klingauf (Germany), Ling-Gang Wu (USA), Volker Haucke (Germany), Benedikt Grothe (Germany), Kasia Bieszcard (USA), Jan Schnupp (UK), Micah Murray (Switzerland), Yale Cohen (USA), Reiner Orly (Israel), Johannes Vogt (Germany), Andrew J. Morris (USA), Robert Nitsch (Germany), Ralf Gold (Germany), Bernhard Hemmer (Germany), Heinz Wiendl (Germany), Frauke Zipp (Germany), Jörg Schulz (Germany), Richard J. Youle (USA), Philipp Kahle (Germany), W.W. Fleischhacker (Austria), Sarka Kubinova (Czech Republic), Eva Sykova (Czech Republic), Sue Barnett (UK), Philip Beart (Australia), Jianfeng Feng (China), Tomas Paus (Canada), Sylvane Desrivières (UK), Gunter Schumann (UK)

8 Apr - 12 Apr 2014
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