Lysosome related Organelles Conference

Lysosomes are essential to cellular health and are often implicated in disease. These ubiquitous organelles carry out essential housekeeping by degradation of cell components and disposal of exogeneously ingested components or even pathogens. That lysosomes are not just dead ends of the endocytic pathway is exemplified by their role in additional processes such as plasma membrane repair, entry of pathogens but also their participation in the invasion of cancer cells. This is also true for the lysosome-related organelles, cell-type specific modifications of the endomembrane system which have a variety of functions, but which all share some characteristics with lysosomes. The relationship between LROs and with lysosomes is reflected in their common susceptibility to mutations of the same cellular machinery.

This meeting on Lysosomes and Related Organelles will gather together leading scientists working in the field of lysosomes and LROs not only in eukaryotic cells but also model organisms. The focus of the meeting extends from the fundamental mechanisms of the biogenesis, regulation and secretion of this increasing family of organelles, to the diseases that affect them or in which they are involved, as well as the therapeutic strategies that are being designed and clinical trials that have begun to deal with these diseases.
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Plenary Speakers include:
Fran Platt (University of Oxford)
Ewald Weibel (University of Berne)
Andreas Ballabio (Baylor College of Medicine)
Gillian Griffiths (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research)
Helmut Kramer (Southwestern Medical Center)
Juan Bonifacino (National Institute of Health)
Michael Marks (University of Pennsylvania)

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13 Feb - 16 Feb 2014

Nerja, Malaga
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