Membrane Transport Proteins

The Gordon Research Conference on Membrane Transport Proteins, held for the 8th time in 2012, will address the physiological role of membrane transport from a range of system and experimental perspectives. Recent developments, particularly in the area of protein structure, have revealed unanticipated commonality among different transport systems, and this conference aims to bring together investigators working in fields from plant biology to neuroscience who might not otherwise interact. It will also focus on transport systems from pumps to ATP-binding cassette (ABC), secondary active ion-coupled transporters, organellar carriers and channels, and bring together groups with different experimental approaches from cell biology and genetics to biophysics and structure. The talks will focus on the relationship between mechanism and physiology, including disease. The program will include junior as well as senior investigators, and several posters will be selected for oral presentation. In addition, the programmed discussion time, afternoon free time and poster sessions as well as meals will provide abundant time for interaction among the diverse groups.

+ show speakers and program
Neurotransmitter Transporters
(Jonathan Javitch / Aurelio Galli / Ulrik Gether / Baruch Kanner)
Structure I
(Poul Nissen / Raimund Dutzler / Daniela Stock / Da-Neng Wang / Ming Zhou)
Plant Transporters
(Randy Blakely / Jiri Friml / Wolf Frommer / Angus Murphy / Greg Vert)
Structure II
(Robert Tampe / Kaspar Locher / Doug Rees / Dirk Slotboom / Robert Stroud / Christine Ziegler)
(Baruch Kanner / James Chou / Yuriy Kirichok / Edmund Kunji)
Metal Transporters
(Jeff Rothstein / Jose Arguello / Dax Fu / Svetlana Lutsenko / Edward Yu)
Cell Biology
(Robert Edwards / Frances Brodsky / Sergio Grinstein / John Orlowski / Rajini Rao)
(Yuriy Kirichok / Randy Blakely / Thomas Jentsch / Deborah Nelson / Shimon Schuldiner)
Keynote Presentation
(Robert Edwards / William Catterall)

1 Jul - 6 Jul 2012
Les Diablerets
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