Mechanisms & Models of Cancer

The specific goal of this conference is to bring together a diverse group of scientists studying various molecular, genetic, biochemical and animal model approaches to the analysis of cancer. Junior and senior researchers will join to discuss their latest research findings and technical approaches toward the analysis of cancer models and mechanisms.

Tumor Suppressor Networks
Cancer Metabolism
Signaling Mechanisms
Mouse Models
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Keynote Speakers:
Dafna Bar-Sagi, New York University Medical Center
Gerard Evan, University of Cambridge, UK
Arnold Levine, Institute for Advanced Studies

Confirmed Discussion Leaders:
Cory Abate-Shen
Columbia University Medical School
James Bradner
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School
Lewis Cantley
Weill Cornell Medical College
Karen Cichowski
Harvard Medical School
Eyal Gottlieb
Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute
Nada Jabado
McGill University Health Center, Canada
William Kaelin
HHMI/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Yibin Kang
Princeton University
Anthony Letai
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Ross Levine
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Guillermina Lozano
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Martin McMahon
University of California, San Francisco
Luis Parada
UT SW Medical Center
Morag Park
Rosalind & Morris Goodman Cancer Center, Canada
Carol Prives
Columbia University
David Tuveson
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

12 Aug - 16 Aug 2014

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
United States of America
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