Cellular imaging of lipids

The development of molecular imaging has been a revolution in cell biology. Cellular imaging of proteins and nucleic acids has, indeed, contributed to our understanding of the topology and dynamics of many biological processes. Lipids are fundamental cell constituents and powerful regulators of most cellular events, yet lipid-imaging technologies have developed to a much less satisfactory degree. Thus, although biochemical studies have provided a detailed description of the synthesis and disposal of cellular lipids, their compartmentalization and trafficking are much less understood. This knowledge gap reveals the need for the development of new strategies to image lipids in their biological contexts. This EMBO Workshop is aimed at gathering together people with backgrounds in lipid biochemistry and cell biology with people developing the most advanced technologies to image lipids in biological samples. The expected outcome of this workshop will be to stimulate discussion among experts in the different fields to produce new ideas to tackle the future challenges in lipid-imaging and lipid biology investigation. close
The EMBO Workshop will focus on the advances in Lipid Imaging technologies along with the most recent discoveries in Lipid Metabolism and its subcellular compartimentalization. The goal of this workshop is to stimulate discussion between developers of new imaging technologies and lipid biochemists/ cell biologists. The main issues touched by the speakers will be:
Comartimentalized Lipid Metabolism
Lipid visualization at the single-cell level
Development of new Lipid Imaging techniques
Addressing these issues will stimulate the collaborations between experts in the different fields to fill the technological gaps, which render Lipid Imaging a non-standard cell biology procedure.
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Basserau, Patricia
Institute Curie Paris, FR

D’Angelo, Giovanni
Institute of Protein Biochemistry National Research Council Naples, IT

De Luca, Annachiara
Institute of Protein Biochemistry National Research Council Naples, IT

Corda, Daniela
Institute of Protein Biochemistry National Research Council Naples, IT

De Matteis Maria, Antonietta
Telethon Institute for Genetics and Medicine Naples, IT

Fujimoto, Toyoshi
Nagoya University, JP

Grinstein, Sergio
University of Toronto, CA

Ikonen, Elina
University of Helsinki, FI

Luini , Alberto
Institute of Protein Biochemistry National Research Council Naples, IT

Maccioni, Hugo
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, AR

Prinetti, Alessandro
University of Milan, IT

Schultz , Carsten
European Molecular Biology Laboratory, DE

Schwille, Petra
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry Martinsried, DE

Scopigno, Tullio
University of Rome “La Sapienza” , IT

Setou, Mitsutoshi
Hamamatsu University, JP

Silva, Liana
University of Lisbon, PT

Simons, Kai
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Dresden, DE

Van der Goot, Gisou
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH

2 Jun - 6 Jun 2014
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