Drug Discovery Conference

2nd International Conference on Global Challenges for New Drug Discovery Against Tropical Parasitic Diseases

The tropical parasitic diseases are responsible for staggering morbidity and millions of deaths every year, especially in the tropical regions of the word. Although incidences of these diseases are mostly centered in tropical regions the socioeconomic and public health impacts of tropical parasitic diseases are global. More then half of the world’s population is currently under the risk of being exposed to the infection with one or the other tropical disease pathogens. Emergence and spread of drug-resistant and more virulent strains of the parasites have further intensified the problem. Despite of the heavy burden on humanity the tropical parasitic diseases have been mostly ignored in relation to advances in modern drug discovery and only few new antipatasitic drugs have been developed during last several years.

Improved global attention with increasing funding opportunities through public and non-profit organizations as well as emergence of public-private partnerships for development of strategies to monitor, treat, control and eliminate neglected tropical parasitic diseases have generated unprecedented interests in new programs on discovery and development of drugs/vaccines. Significant increase in global business practices and leisure travel to the endemic counties require effective measures to protect the transient population from getting afflicted with the tropical parasitic diseases.

This conference shall focus on multidisciplinary efforts directed against control, treatments and elimination of neglected parasitic diseases namely, (a) Socioeconomic and public awareness programs in neglected tropical infectious diseases; (b) Monitoring, containment and treatment of drug resistant cases; (c) Translational research to evaluate new drugs and drug combinations (d) Molecular targets-based and structure-based medicinal chemistry approach to maintain healthy drug-discovery pipelines and (e) Opportunities to develop multidisciplinary programs and current funding opportunities.

In conjunction with the conference, the International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance (IJP:DDR), an open access journal, will publish a special issue dedicated to research on drug discovery against parasitic diseases. Attendees are therefore encouraged to submit original scientific manuscripts in the subject area to the journal to be considered for publication in the special issue. All manuscripts will undergo peer-review and must meet the normal standards for publication in IJP:DDR.

The deadline for consideration of a submitted manuscript is May 1st, 2014, but authors are encouraged to submit earlier, so as to help speed the review process. It is anticipated that the special issue of IJP:DDR will be published in fall 2014. Submit my manuscript
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17 Feb - 20 Feb 2014

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