Fragment-Based Drug Discovery

Fragment based drug discovery is now widely recognized as an effective, multi-disciplinary approach to identifying highly efficient chemical matter for small molecule discovery programs. The approval of Zelboraf® has further highlighted how fragments can enable a program for rapid advancement, when effectively prosecuted. The maturation of FBDD has also spawned an explosion in the development and implementation of a host of biophysical tools that are utilized for both screening and characterization. Furthermore, the availability of protein-ligand structural information has provided insight into molecular interactions that are now routinely exploited in fragment optimization. The 2014 fragment based drug discovery conference will focus on state-of-the-art implementation of FBDD at all stages of small molecule identification and optimization. The agenda will feature a number of talks that focus on using FBDD to prosecute a wide array of protein target classes, as well as the implementation of biophysical tools for project enablement. The 2014 FBDD conference will be held at the beautiful Grand Palladium Resort & Spa where ZING’s unique conference format enables a congenial atmosphere highly conducive to extensive discussion and networking.
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22 Jul - 22 Jul 2014

Dominican Republic
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