Iron-Sulfur Enzymes

First organized in 1994 to focus on nitrogenase and its unique iron sulfur chemistry, knowledge about iron sulfur clusters has grown exponentially in the last two decades, and in 2006, the name of the conference was accordingly changed to Iron Sulfur Enzymes. The conference has tremendous breadth, featuring sessions on numerous iron sulfur enzymes of unicellular organisms, animals, and plants, and important insights into how these versatile protein cofactors are synthesized and function. Proteins containing FeS cofactors perform a variety of biological functions ranging across electron transfer, acid-base catalysis, and sensing where they are agents for cell regulation through transcription (DNA) or translation (RNA). They are redox catalysts for radical-based reactions and the activation of H2, N2 and CO2, processes that offer scientific and economic challenges for industry. Iron-sulfur centers provide the focus for fundamental investigations of chemical bonding, spectroscopy and paramagnetism, and their functions have numerous implications for health and medicine and applications for technology, including renewable energy. This conference will include distinguished speakers and discussion leaders from many fields, and topics will range from mechanistic discussions of bacterial enzymes to discussion of an emerging class of human diseases characterized by abnormalities in their iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis pathway.

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Bacterial Iron Sulfur Cluster Synthesis and Origin of Life Theories
(Richard Holm / Dennis Dean / William Martin)
Mechanisms of Iron Sulfur Enzymes
(Lance Seefeldt / Fraser Armstrong / Brian Hoffman / Amie Boal / Joe Jarrett / Yilin Hu)
Biosynthesis of Complex Metal-Containing Cofactors
(Markus Ribbe / Yuichi Fujita / Silke Leimkuhler)
Basic Iron Sulfur Cluster Assembly
(Wayne Outten / Patricia Dos Santos / Andrew Dancis / Sandrine de Ollagnier de Choudens / Enrique Herrero / Marc Fontecave)
Iron Sulfur Proteins in Regulation
(Juan Fontecilla-Camps / Patricia Kiley / Nick Le Brun / Nicholas Rouhier)
Iron Sulfur Cluster Biogenesis and Human Disease
(Paul Lindahl / David Barondeau / Jessie Cameron / Elena Tucker / Dan Crooks)
Theory and Models of Complex Iron-Sulfur Clusters
(Christopher Pickett / Kazuyuki Tatsumi / Jonas Peters)
Crosstalk With Other Metals in Nature
(Ralf Mendel / G√ľnther Schwarz / Russ Hille / Oliver Einsle / Wolfgang Buckel)
New Horizons of Iron-Sulfur Enzymes
(Mike Johnson / Joanne Stubbe / Barbel Friedrich)

10 Jun - 15 Jun 2012
South Hadley
United States of America
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