Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

The 2012 Gordon Conference on Intrinsically Disordered Proteins (IDPs) is shaping up to be an exciting and important meeting. The growing recognition of the role of IDPs in complex biological functions makes this an opportune time to bring together scientists in the field to identify the important questions, take stock of current progress, and chart the course for rapid and meaningful progress in the study of conformational heterogeneity and its role in function.

The program features an outstanding and diverse group of scientists at the forefront of research in the IDP field. The meeting will be organized around seven thematic sessions focusing on Transcriptional regulation, Signaling pathways & modules, IDP phase behavior and Molecular recognition, Emerging Technologies for Studying IDPs, IDP quality control and homeostasis, Regulated self-assembly and mis-assembly of IDPs, and IDP targeting, trafficking and processing. The meeting will be bookended by two keynote sessions.

Poster sessions will be organized to encourage active participation from young scientists. The organizers have arranged to postdocs and graduate students to compete for present up to seven awards based on their poster presentations, which will be judged by leaders in the IDP field. The new location for this conference is scenic, convenient, and promises to be an excellent setting for numerous information discussions during the conference.

+ show speakers and program
Introductory Keynote Session
(Madan Babu / Keith Dunker / Julie Forman-Kay)
Transcriptional Regulation and DNA Binding
(Doug Barrick / Yaakov Levy / Timothy Lohman / Remy Loris)
IDPs in Signal Transduction
(Jane Dyson / Richard Kriwacki / Rama Ranganathan / Michael Rosen / Susan Taylor)
Phase Behavior, Molecular Recognition, and Evolution of IDPs
(Régis Pomès / Jianhan Chen / Kyou-Hoon Han / Sonia Longhi / Ben Schuler / Eugene Shakhnovich)
Proteolysis of IDPs and Impact on Proteostasis Networks
(Jim Bardwell / Ursula Jakob / Jeff Kelly / Yosef Shaul / Alan Tunnacliffe)
Emerging Technologies for Studying Conformational Heterogeneity
(Martin Blackledge / Ashok Deniz / Gerhard Hummer / Claus Seidel)
Functionally Relevant Self-Assembly and Disease-Related Mis-Assembly of IDPs
(Sheena Radford / David Eliezer / Susan Lindquist / Thomas Scheibel / Joel Schneider)
IDP Tagging, Trafficking, and Processing
(Patricia Clark / Anne Bertolotti / Yuh Min Chook / Andreas Matouschek)
Closing Keynote Session
(Gary Daughdrill / Vladimir Uversky / Alan Fersht)

8 Jul - 13 Jul 2012
West Dover
United States of America
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