The 18th Germinal Center Conference

We are pleased to announce the 18th Germinal Centre Conference that will be held on the West Coast of Sweden in Uddevalla 11-14 September 2014. The conference will focus on in vivo immune responses, in particular the development, activation and fate of cells involved in germinal centre reactions.
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Confirmed speakers:
Claudia Berek, Berlin, Germany
Robert Brink, Sydney, Australia
Rita Carsetti, Rome, Italy
Jason Cyster, San Francisco, US
Sidonia Fagarasan, Yokahama, Japan
Cecile King, Sydney, Australia
Michael McHeyzer-Williams, La Jolla, US
Michel Nussenzweig, New York, US
Oliver Pabst, Hannover, Germany
Hai Qi, Beijing, China
Klaus Rajewsky, Berlin, Germany
Mark Shlomchik, Pittsburgh US
Ken Smith, Cambridge, UK
Ludvig Sollid, Oslo, Norway
Jo Spencer, London, UK
Gitta Stockinger, London, UK
Kai-Michael Toellner, Birmingham, UK
Gabriel Victora, Cambridge, US
Hedda Wardemann, Berlin, Germany

11 Sep - 14 Sep 2014
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