Mastering Immunogenicity 4

Join leaders in the immunogenicity field for a two day conference to learn what constitutes a successful strategy for managing immunogenicity risk, and explore the business case for introducing immunogenicity assessment into your program.

-Learn about the latest strategies and technologies
-Discuss challenges and exchange ideas
-Improve the outcome of your R&D programs

Our 4th Mastering Immunogenicity Conference will have a strong focus on immunogenicity sciences, in particular what basic research needs to be carried out to improve our understanding of immune regulation to biotherapeutics. We will review progress made in correlating data from pre-clinical predictive tools to clinical outcomes, as well as continuing our discussions surrounding the benefits that Quality by Design has on reduced immunogenicity, considering subsequent patient benefits as well as competitive advantage.

Presentations by experts will provide an overview of the wide range of technologies currently used for immunogenicity risk management and how they can be incorporated for a ‘quality by design’ approach.

The event’s interactive format allows you to suggest session topics within the themes of the program, thus your participation can have a direct impact on shaping advances in this fast moving field.

This event offers a great opportunity to meet and share information with like-minded scientists from other organizations, and to help shape the future of your R&D programs.
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15 Sep - 16 Sep 2014
United States of America
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