Inorganic chemistry

The 2012 Inorganic Chemistry GRC will provide a forum for scientists at all levels from academic, industrial, and national laboratories meet to define the important problems in the field and to highlight emerging opportunities through exchange of ideas and discussion of unpublished results. Invited speakers will present on a wide variety of topics, giving attendees a look at areas both inside and outside of their specialized areas of interest. The 2012 Inorganic Chemistry GRC will emphasize inorganic synthesis and characterization in the context of energy issues, catalysis and advanced materials. The program will showcase cutting edge work in areas where inorganic chemists are making significant contributions to problems of global importance. The program will feature a diverse group of speakers and discussion leaders at various career stages.

In addition to invited speakers, the poster sessions at GRCs are a key feature of the conference. All conferees at the Inorganic Chemistry GRC are invited to present a poster on their work, and here the informal setting promotes the free exchange of ideas and fosters new relationships. As in previous years, we will offer poster presenters the opportunity to compete for one of several program spots in which they can give an oral presentation based on the subject matter of their poster. This is a great way to get your work noticed by the scientists attending the meeting, especially for those early in their career. Anyone interested in participating in the poster competition should bring an electronic slide presentation and a small hard copy of their poster to submit to the committee.

+ show speakers and program
Keynote Presentation: Recent Successes and Challenges in Olefin Metathesis
(Mike Heinekey / Richard Schrock)
(Nora Radu / Karen Goldberg / Jeff Miller / Mike Gagne / Tong Ren)
Energy Applications
(John Lockemeyer / Daniel Gamelin / Amy Prieto / Larry Lewis)
Solid State Materials
(Greg Girolami / Peidong Yang / Andreas Stein / Greta Patzke / Sarah Stoll)
Heavy Elements
(Dave Thorn / Polly Arnold / Karsten Meyer / Al Sattelberger)
Chemistry of Main Group Elements
(Greg Robinson / Ian Manners / Doug Stephan / Francois Gabbai / Parisa Mehrkodavandi)
Coordination Chemistry
(Bahram Moasser / Pat Holland / Ted Betley / Christina Thomas)
Nanotechnology / Poster Talks
(Kun Wang / Jillian Buriak / Delia Milliron)
Conference Wrap-up / Poster Talks / Perspectives
(Keith Watson / Rich Eisenberg)

17 Jun - 22 Jun 2012
United States of America
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