Biology of plastids: Towards a blueprint for synthetic organelles

This conference will focus on the evolution of chloroplasts through the process of endosymbiosis that gave rise to a vast array of photosynthetic eukaryotes and forever altered life on earth. Establishment of endosymbiotic organelles required endosymbiotic gene transfer, the evolution of protein targeting systems and metabolic connections, and the evolution of organellar division machineries and organelle-nucleus communication pathways. However, the molecular basis of these processes, their importance for the establishment of the endosymbiosis or even the order in which they occurred are largely unknown. The emergence of synthetic biology as a growing field now provides an interdisciplinary framework for addressing these and related fundamental questions in biology and evolution. The conference will bring together an interdisciplinary group of international scientists ranging from plant, algal and microbial biologists to computer scientists and engineers to establish a foundation towards experimental recapitulation of the origin of plastids by endosymbiosis and potentially provide blueprints for the generation of novel synthetic organelles.

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Ilka Axmann, Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf, DE
Steven Ball, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, FR
Debashish Bhattacharya, Rutgers University, USA
Ralph Bock, Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, DE
Bettina Bölter, LMU, Munich, DE
Sónia Cruz, University of Aveiro, PT
Danny Ducat, Michigan State University, USA
Cheryl Kerfeld, Michigan State University, USA
Jane Langdale, Oxford University, UK
Sally Mackenzie, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
Geoffrey McFadden, University of Melbourne, AU
Shin-ya Miagishima, National Institute of Genetics, Japan
Eva Nowack, Carnegie Institution for Science, USA
Thomas Pfannschmidt, University of Grenoble, FR
Kevin Redding, Arizona State University, USA
Christian Schmitz-Linneweber, Humboldt University, Berlin, DE
Alison Smith, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK
Xinguang Zhu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai
Poul Erik Jensen, University of Copenhagen, DK

21 Jun - 26 Jun 2014
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