Nuclear Proteomics

The eukaryotic nucleus contains the information that is required to build a complex organism. This complexity is achieved by a highly coordinated interaction between the DNA and the proteins that reside in the nucleus. Whereas the nuclear DNA has been fully sequenced, our understanding of the nature and the dynamics of the proteins in the nucleus is still limited, both in terms of the structural organization of the nucleus and of the regulation of gene activity. The goal of this Lecture Course is to foster scientific exchange between scientists working on the nuclear proteome, the dynamic behavior of proteins in the nucleus and the integration and visualization of protein and DNA networks. This Course is unique in that it focuses on nuclear proteomics and data integration in order to enhance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that mediate epigenetic processes.

There will be dedicated sessions on the proteomic analysis of histone modifications, defined chromosomal domains, functional proteomics together with sessions on quantitative proteomics, emerging technologies and bioinformatic analysis of large proteomic datasets and their visualization. The Course includes lectures by leading researchers in the field, two poster sessions, oral presentations by junior researchers selected from the abstracts, meet-the-experts sessions and a round table discussion on emerging concepts and future developments in the field. A major feature of the Course is the problem solving sessions, whereby participants can discuss specific issues or problems of their projects in a one-to-one private session with one of the expert speakers of the Course.

The Lecture Course will take place at the beautiful, beach-front Neptune Hotel Resort and Conference Center on the island of Kos in Greece. The five-star resort complex is spread on 150.000 m² of private grounds with a modern Conference Center, excellent accommodation and top-class facilities. The cosmopolitan island of Kos is a very popular holiday destination with magnificent beaches, lush interior and a picturesque main town. The International airport of Kos is connected via charter flights to many European cities as well as to Athens and other major cities in Greece. There are also daily sea connections by ferry with the port of Piraeus (Athens).

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Genevieve Almouzni

Nuclear dynamics and genome plasticity, Institut Curie, Paris, France
Till Bartke

Chromatin Biochemistry, MRC-Clinical Sciences Center, London, UK
Petra Beli

Chromatin Biology and Proteomics, Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz, Germany
Keiryn Bennett

Head of Mass Spectrometry, Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (CeMM), Vienna, Austria
Tiziana Bonaldi

IFOM-IEO Campus, Milan, Italy
Neil Brockdorff

Developmental Epigenetics, Dept. of Biochemistry, Oxford University, UK
Ana Conesa

Genomics of Gene Expression, Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe, Valencia, Spain
Jürgen Cox

Department of Proteomics and Signal Transduction, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany
Jerome Dejardin

Genome Dynamics, Institute of Human Genetics Montpellier, France
Benjamin Garcia

Epigenetics Program, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
Joachim Griesenbeck

Department of Biochemistry III, University of Regensburg, Germany
Anja Groth

Biotech Research and Innovation Centre, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Axel Imhof

Chromatin Modifications Group, Adolf Butenandt Institute, LMU, Munich, Germany
Ole N. Jensen

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
Jeroen Krijgsveld

Head of Proteomic Core Facility, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
Angus Lamond

Center for Gene Regulation and Expression, University of Dundee, UK
Nick Luscombe

Laboratory of Computational Biology, University College London, UK
Ana Pombo

Epigenetic regulation and chromatin architecture, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology, Germany
Juri Rappsilber

Crosslinking and Chromatin Laboratory, Wellcome Trust Center for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh, UK
Lothar Schermelleh

Dept. of Biochemistry, Oxford University, UK
Bas van Steensel

Chromatin Genomics, The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jason Swedlow

Center for Gene Regulation and Expression, University of Dundee, UK
Michiel Vermeulen

Department of Molecular Cancer Research, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

17 May - 22 May 2014
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