Ligand-binding Theory and Practice

Course summary: This course will provide basic training in the principles of ligand-binding theory, and will offer participants a chance to analyse their own macromolecular interaction systems using the contemporary advanced methods (SPR, ITC UV-vis, fluorescence spectroscopies, gel filtration), guided by lecturers and tutors who are expert in the design, execution, and analysis of these experiments. Additional lecturers will present other contemporary experimental ligand-binding methods (NMR, MS) and contemporary thinking on the phenomenon of allostery.
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Lecturers & Speakers

Andreas Barth, Stockholm, vibrational spectroscopies
Andrea Bellelli, Rome, hemoglobin allostery
Jannette Carey*, Princeton, ligand-binding basics; SPR tutor
Teresa Carlomagno, EMBL, NMR methods
Danny Charlier, Vreie U. Bruxelles, site-specific occupancy
David Dryden, Edinburgh, entropic mechanisms of allostery
Andrzej Gorecki*, Jagiellonian, electronic spectroscopies tutor
Rita Grandori, Milan, mass spectrometry methods
Ruth Nussinov, Tel Aviv, dynamic mechanisms of allostery
Catherine Royer*, CNRS, Montpelier, fluorescence methods tutor
Bruce Turnbull*, Leeds, isothermal titration calorimetry tutor
Wilfred van Gunsteren, ETH, attribution of binding energies
Wei-Feng Xue*, Kent, global and computational approaches tutor

29 Jun - 6 Jul 2014
Nove Hrady
Czech Republic
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