Fundamentals of Modern Methods of Biocrystallography – BioCrys2014

Course summary: The course will be focused on biocrystallography, addressing the fundamental theoretical concepts of crystallography. Through lectures and tutorials, the programme will cover a wide range of subjects needed for a full structure determination. One of the great advantages of this course will be the inclusion of speakers who are the developers of software that will later be used by the community.
Course Organizers: Maria Arménia Carrondo, Thomas Schneider
Application deadline: 15 July 2014
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Margarida Archer ITQB, Oeiras, PT
Isabel Bento ITQB, Oeiras, PT
Gabor Bunkoczi University of Cambridge, UK
Kevin Cowtan University of York, UK
Zbigniew Dauter Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Kristina Djinovic-Carugo, University of Vienne, AT
Carlos Frazão ITQB, Oeiras, PT
Elspeth Garman University of Oxford, UK
Gordon Leonard ESRF, Grenoble, FR
Andrew Leslie MRC LMB, Cambridge, UK
Bernhard Lohkamp Karolinska Institutet, SE
Adrian Mancuso European XFEL GmbH, Hamburg, DE
Pedro Matias ITQB, Oeiras, PT
Poul Nissen, University of Aarhus, DK
Anastassis Perrakis NKI, Amsterdam, NL
Célia Romão ITQB, Oeiras, PT
Thomas Schneider, EMBL-Hamburg, DE
Philip Willmott, Paul Scherrer Institut, CH
Clemens Vonrhein Global Phasing Ltd, Cambridge, UK

20 Sep - 27 Sep 2014
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