360° Lysosome: from Structure to Genomics, from Function to Disease

Course summary: This course is designed for all researchers working on lysosomes – i.e. cell biologists, biochemists, geneticists, laboratory professionals, and health care professionals who deal with lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs). During the course, the molecular and cellular aspects of LSDs as well as the role of lysosomes in normal metabolism and pathological processes in all living cells will be discussed in a dynamic format of plenaries, panels, poster and oral discussion sessions.
Course Organizer: Eser Sozmen
+ show speakers and program
Ana Maria Cuervo, USA
Antony Futerman, Israel
Asuman Özkara, Türkiye
Joern Dengjel, Denmark
Devrim Gözüaçık, Türkiye
Konrad Sandhoff , Germany
Marja Jäättelä , Denmark
Mahmut Çoker, Türkiye
Michael Przybylski, Germany
Paul Luzio , UK
Peter Lobel , USA
Rosa Puertollano , USA
Sema Kalkan Uçar, Türkiye
Volkan Seyrantepe, Türkiye
Zoltan Lukacs, Germany

23 Oct - 28 Oct 2014
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