Decoding Non-coding RNAs in Development and Cancer

Recent insights into RNA biology induced a paradigm shift towards the recognition of RNAs as functional molecules, beyond serving as messengers for protein-encoding genes. Cells contain different classes of non-coding RNAs. However, the functional importance in biological processes for many of these classes remains largely unknown. This meeting will focus on the basic questions of “who, when, what, where, and how” these non-coding RNAs exert important regulatory functions in the control of transcriptional programs in cancer and development. The new exciting therapeutic perspectives offered by non-coding RNAs will be also discussed.
+ show speakers and program
Irene Bozzoni - Italy

Brian Brown - USA

David Carter - UK

Harold Cremer - France

Roberto Corradini - Italy

Gianluigi Condorelli - Italy

Sven Diederichs - Germany

Stefanie Dimmeler - Germany

Muller Fabbri - USA
Susanna Obad - Denmark

Mauro Giacca - Italy

Sakari Kauppinen - Denmark

Maite Huarte - Spain

Judy Lieberman - USA

Richard Meehan - UK

Nancy Papalopulu - UK

Nikolaus Rajevsky - Germany

Raymond Schiffelers - The Netherlands

12 Oct - 15 Oct 2014
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