ABC Proteins: From Multidrug Resistance to Genetic Disease

Course summary: ABC2014 will cover all basic and applied aspects of ABC proteins, both in normal and cancer cells, as well as their important roles in genetic diseases and also drug resistance phenomena in cancer or microbial systems. Symposia: Structural studies on ABC Proteins; Regulation of ABC activity/expression; Molecular mechanisms of ABC proteins; Impact of ABCs on diseases; ABC proteins & drug disposition.
Course Organizer: Karl Kuchler
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Lydia Aguilar-Bryan (US) Michael M. Gottesman (US) Lutz Schmitt (DE)
Susan Bates (US) Toshihisa Ishikawa (JP) Bruno Stieger (CH)
Piet Borst (NL) Victor Ling (CA) Yuichi Sugiyama (JP)
Joseph Bryan (US) Enrico Martinoia (CH)
Jue Chen (US) Bert Poolman (NL)
Michael Dean (US) John Riordan (US)
Roger Deeley (CA) Balász Sarkadi (HU)
Anthony George (AU) Alfred Schinkel (NL)

8 Mar - 14 Mar 2014

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