Dysregulated hemostasis is a major cause of human disease and death. The Gordon Research Conference on Hemostasis is considered the premiere small format meeting on the topics of blood coagulation, platelet biology, anticoagulant pathways and associated diseases. First organized by hemostasis pioneers Earl W. Davie and Oscar Ratnoff in 1973, the meeting was held yearly until 1992 and biennially since then. The Hemostasis Gordon Conference brings together scientists interested in the biology, biochemistry and genetics of platelets and coagulation proteins, physicians involved in the treatment of bleeding and thrombotic diseases and investigators from small and large pharmaceutical companies developing new therapies for the diseases of hemostasis. The Hemostasis Gordon Conference enjoys an international reputation for being the forum at which cutting-edge research is presented and major advances in the field are unveiled.

The next conference will be held on July 22-27, 2012 at the Waterville Valley Conference Center, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. The site is regarded as a top venue providing comfortable meeting and housing facilities in an inviting location. This Conference Center, surrounded by the White Mountain National Forest provides over 15,000 square feet of flexible, highly functional space. Recreational facilities include ready access to biking, hiking, golf, tennis, boating, chair-lift rides, an athletic center and the Waterville Valley Arts Center. All accommodations, dining hall, poster areas and meeting rooms are accessible to handicapped persons. Waterville Valley is two hours north of Boston and a bit more than an hour from Manchester, New Hampshire. Travel to the site is convenient for attendees from the US and overseas alike.

It is the goal of the conference organizers that nearly every person attending the conference participates either as a speaker, discussion leader, or poster presenter. At Waterville Valley, the venue for the 2012 Conference, there is space available for 30-40 posters per session, and four poster sessions will be scheduled. The conference Vice-Chair, Andrew Weyrich, will be responsible for organizing the posters into sessions that are related to the meeting agenda and for the selection of top posters for presentation as a series of short talks in a Hot Topics session.

Afternoons will be open for informal discussion among attendees and leisure activities aimed at fostering further interactions and intellectual exchange - traditionally a central feature of all Gordon Conferences. Poster sessions will be held before dinner on four of the five days. These sessions provide a dedicated, informal forum for interaction between junior and more senior scientists in the field.

All applicants who are not invited speakers are encouraged to submit an abstract for presentation at one of the four poster sessions (Monday-Thursday) and for consideration to be chosen for a short oral presentation at the Hot Topics session on Wednesday evening.

+ show speakers and program
Thrombosis and Hemostasis: Historical Perspectives
(Charles T. Esmon / Joel S. Bennett / Darrel W. Stafford)
Inflammation/Infection and Coagulation
(Susan S. Smyth / Piet Gros / Paul Kubes)
Thrombus Formation and its Dissolution
(Jose A. Lopez / James Whisstock / John W. Weisel / Patricia C. Liaw)
Defective Hemostasis
(James H. Morrissey / Rodney M. Camire / John S. "Pete" Lollar / Walter H. Kahr / Jorge DiPaolo)
Blood/Vessel Wall Interface
(Leslie V. Parise / Jaime Grutzendler / Robert Flaumenhaft / Rodger P. McEver)
Receptors and Signaling
(Lawrence "Skip" Brass / Renhao Li / Sergio Grinstein / Mark H. Ginsberg / Charles S. Abrams)
Regulation of Thrombus Formation
(Barbara C. Furie / James A. Huntington / Wolfgang Bergmeier / Mark L. Kahn)
Hot Topics
(Andrew S. Weyrich / Short Talks Selected from Abstracts)
(Nigel Mackman / Roy L. Silverstein / Wolfram Ruf / Lily Jan)

22 Jul - 27 Jul 2012
Waterville Valley
United States of America
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