Biology of the Immune System

Conference Summary: This FASEB Summer Conference provides a small meeting forum for cutting-edge
research in basic immunology. The objective of the meeting is to critically evaluate recent advances in
fundamental immunology and to encourage vigorous discussion of unresolved and emerging areas of
major interest to the field. The emphasis of this meeting is on the development and workings of the
immune system in vivo. The eight major scientific sessions will cover the broad scope of immunobiology
and reflect a growing emphasis on understanding immune responses in humans. The meeting format
intentionally avoids a traditional “cell type” oriented approach, emphasizing instead the in vivo
initiation, progression, and conclusion of immune responses. This will promote communication and
cross-fertilization between various sectors of the immunology research community, with particular
emphasis on integrating current understanding of innate and adaptive immunity. This meeting typically
appeals to all facets of the academic research community, as well as to colleagues in clinical,
biotechnology, and pharmaceutical research endeavors. In addition, the 2014 meeting includes a “Meet
the Experts” mentoring session for trainees and young investigators. Together, the content and format
of this meeting provides all participants with an exciting and challenging learning experience, as well as
the opportunity to interact in a relaxed and collegial atmosphere.
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29 Jun - 4 Jul 2014

United States of America
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