Age & Immunity, Summer Frontiers Symposium 2014

The Radboudumc is organizing its third annual Summer Frontiers Symposium , entitled, “Age & Immunity”.
The main objective of the meeting is to share knowledge on the basic understanding of age-related aspects of immunity and their impact on inflammatory diseases and public health strategies. International renowned speakers will present their latest findings and ideas on senescence of innate and adaptive immunity and on the unique aspects of the immune system in early childhood. This meeting provides a basis for constructive discussions on age-related changes in immune function ranging from molecule to organism to population, which can contribute to the development of personalized health care.

The program comprises 6 sessions and young investigators are invited to present their work in selected oral presentations and laptop sessions. Best Presentation and Best laptop prizes will be presented to young scientists.

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Thursday 12th June 2014

Session 1
Sing Sing Way, USA
Immunological immaturity or active suppression in neonatal infection susceptibility?
Janet Lord, UK
Stress, neutrophils and ageing
Mieke Boots, NL
Post thymic maintenance of CD4 T cells in the elderly
Stanislas Goriely, Belgium
Innate immunity in young and old, a focus on IL-12 and related cytokines

Session 2
Rafael Solana, Spain
Effect of age and CMV infection on NK cells
Deborah Dunn-Walters, UK
The shape of the B cell repertoire in old age
Michiel Betjes, NL
Failing kidneys and premature immunological ageing; causes and clinical implications
Laptop presentations

Session 3
Janko Nikolich, USA
Cytokine and nutrient regulation of homeostatic and activation programs in old T cells
Debby Bogaert, NL
Host-microbe interactions at the extremes of life: the key to infections?
Arne Akbar, UK
Control of human CD4 T cell senescence by p38 MAPkinase signalling

Friday 13th June 2014

Session 4
Connie Weyand, USA
Immune ageing and autoimmune disease - A story of energy resources, oxygen radicals and telomeric ends
Carlos Orihuela, USA
How chronic inflammation during ageing negatively impacts alveolar macrophage function
Susan Swain, USA
Circumventing age associated defects in T cells by activating DC

Session 5
Stefan Tullius, USA
Consequences of aging on immune responses in organ transplantation
Michiel van der Flier, NL and Marcel Olde Rikkert, NL
Age and immunity: the clinical perspective, in young and old
Oral presentations of young investigators

Session 6
José Borghans, NL
Lymphocyte dynamics in healthy aging and disease
Ofer Levy, USA
Microphysiologic modeling of human immunity to inform age-specific vaccine development
Jaap van Dissel, NL
Age and immunity: population- and public health perspective

Prizes and closing words

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12 Jun - 13 Jun 2014
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