Brain Circuits for Positive Emotions

Emotions are thought to involve relatively primitive, evolutionarily conserved brain circuits. However, only the rudiments of the circuits underlying positive, pleasurable emotions are known. Pleasurable emotions are pervasive in everyday life and important in psychopathology. An understanding of the underlying mechanisms could improve the comprehension of mood control. This conference gather international specialist in the field of basic and clinical neurosciences, together with philosophers and artists.

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Ralph Adolph, Antonio Andreoli, Gonzalo Alvarez-Bolado, Carmen Cavada, Markus Heinrichs,Sir Anthony Kenny, Gert Holstege, Igor Kagan, Steve Kennerley, George Koob, Christian Lüscher, Fabio Macciardi, Dean Mobbs, Kevin Mulligan, Emanuela Mundo, Jaak Panksepp, Robert Provine, Massimo Reichlin, Willibald Ruch, Andrea Samson, David Sander, Clif Saper, Wolfram Schultz, Rainer Schwarting, Tania Singer, Patrick Vuillemier

19 Oct - 23 Oct 2014
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